About Us

Beauty Benefits is a leading online beauty retailer based in the United Kingdom. With over 10 years of experience on marketplace platforms, we certainly know what our customers want when it comes to all things beauty. 

What makes us special?
Trends are constantly changing in the beauty world, but who has the time and money to keep up? We believe that the most special products never go out of fashion. Therefore, we have worked hard to source a vast range of "the classics"; once popular items that are no longer easy to find, but are still loved by men and women today. 

Our Hard To Find perfume range is our signature collection of classic scents, from high-end designer brands to celebrity labels. 

A helpful trick to save some money is to explore our extensive range of Damaged and Unboxed items. While the packaging may not be quite right, the product certainly is. This is the perfect way to get those products you’ve been dreaming of at an affordable price.

Why shop with us?

  • Designer brands at discount prices
  • Rare and discontinued items
  • Clearance sale on damaged and unboxed items
  • Huge savings all year round
  • FREE delivery over £30